Educators exploring VHS tape reuse
Educators building marble mazes
Reuse-a-Palooza at the arts festival!
Reuse-a-Palooza at the arts festival!
Appearance on local news show!
Community weaving project
Community weaving project
Magnet collages
Googly eyed baseball card collage
Remixing broken jewelry parts
Upcycled planters
Marble runs during an after school program
Mask making workshop
Nature dioramas
Cylindrical nature diorama
Old media makes interesting masks!
Epic trophy sculpture
Fun festival wearables
Flower made from film negatives and more
Collage pins with local teens
After school bookmaking with record covers!
Book with fabric collage covers
Mixed media art
Halloween costume making
DIY screen printing
Colorful goggles
Mixed media art
Educator workshop
Mixed media art
Educators making marble runs
Instrument making
Sign making workshop using bike parts
Jewelry remix
Hand sewing workshop
Yarn crafts
Fancy living room with a fireplace
Mixed media art
Horse collage with fabric
Super sheroes
Upcycled map bulletin boards
Visions of the future
Watercolors made from dead markers
Using tools rocks
Upcycled frame workshop with teens
Whimsical wearables
Foam sculpture skeeball
Jewelry remix
Jewelry remix
Bookmaking with future educators
Painting remix workshop with teens
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